dcturano | consulting is the oldest and most experienced building code consulting & permit expediting firm in New York City & Los Angeles. For the past 35 years, it has been our mission to deliver the finest customer service and most intimate knowledge of the laws within NYC & LA’s various municipal agencies. We provide turnkey solutions for each phase of the permitting process:
  • Alteration Type 1 Applications
  • Alteration Type 2 Applications
  • New Buildings Applications
  • Certificates of Occupancy
  • Directive 2 Applications
Compliance with NYC’s municipal codes has become increasingly complex and difficult to understand. This creates the need for a highly responsive DOB, DOT, DEP, & ECB Code Expeditor / Construction Consultant that can decipher these regulations. D.C. Turano has the capacity to translate these laws for even the most complex of projects.

We serve architects, engineers, corporations, real estate owners/developers, management companies, non-profit corporations, and homeowners on both large and small projects.

Our long-standing status as an industry leader was built upon two values: knowledge, and integrity. We uphold these values to this day and plan to continue this tradition long into the future. If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email.
Don TuranoPresident
Mr. Turano has been in the Code Consulting and Expediting business for over 40 years. Don’s extensive experience in this field has enabled him to master the NYC Code and filing process. Over these years he has assisted many architects, engineers, contractors, and building owners/managers in the complexities of the NYC Building Codes. Don started dc | turano | inc in the early 70′s and has since handled over 20,000 filings of all types. Don’s methodology is simple and honest: always give each client the personal attention they deserve.
Marie TuranoVice President
Mrs. Turano has been in the code consulting business for over 36 years. Her role within our company is to oversee and manage all accounting and financial issues.
Steve RuotoloSenior Associate Expeditor
Mr. Ruotolo has over 27 years of experience with dc | turano | inc as a Building Department Expeditor. Steve is responsible for all Building Department filings in Manhattan. His personal approach to each project has been instrumental in the success of dc | turano | inc. Through his years of service, Steve has developed trusting relationships within the industry as well as with city officials.
Eric TuranoSoftware Development
Mr. Turano has been with dc | turano | inc since 2011 and is responsible for marketing and software development. Eric received a B.A. in political science from UCLA.
Felicita LennonSenior Project Manager
Ms. Lennon has over 17 years experience in the Construction/Code Consulting Industry. Felicita’s knowledge in this industry has enhanced our staff with the attention to detail that we pride ourselves on, as well as her extensive follow through with each and every project. Felicita possesses a degree in Legal Assistance that translates in the everyday requirements that are encountered in all NYC Agencies.
Luciana DonofrioSign-Off Coordinator
Ms. Donofrio has been with dc | turano | inc for over 20 years. Luciana is responsible for all coordination efforts in obtaining Final Letters of Completion with the Department of Buildings. Her knowledge in the components required for all aspects of certifications is quite extensive and her attention to detail is a tremendous asset to our company.
Alaina CorderoCertificate of Occupancy Coordinator
Alaina has 18 years experience in this Industry and has worked at every aspect starting with the Field filings to Office preparation of forms and the answering of objection if issued. Alaina has a detailed knowledge of the Certificate of Occupancy process and represents our office in a professional manner. This extensive filing knowledge translates to an excellence in the filing and issuance of Certificate of Occupancies and all other filings for a given project.
Danny McGradeExpeditor
Danny has over 20 years experience working within all municipalities dealing with all types of searches relating to the removal of violations. Danny is responsible for obtaining all variance work permits with the Borough Commissioner’s office as well as Temporary Public Assembly Permits.
Carlos VelezField Representative
Carlos represents dc | turano | inc with all documents that are forwarded & obtained to/from all project professionals. This position helps facilitate the expeditious manner in which we procure filing documents.