Department of Buildings
  • Construction: Architectural, mechanical, plumbing, & structural work
  • Sprinkler
  • Fire alarm
  • Ansul
  • Boiler
  • Fire suppression
  • Generator/fuel storage
  • Signs (illuminated & non-illuminated)
  • Sprinkler pre-action
Related to DOB Filings
  • Amendment to answer audit objections
  • Amendment for “as built” drawings
  • Amendment for changes to Schedule B for PL or SP
  • Amendment to increase scope of work per alteration
  • Amendment to supersede applicant of record
  • Amendment to withdraw with DOB inspection
  • Amendment to withdraw without DOB inspection
  • Variance overtime permits
  • Work permits
  • Permit renewals
Dep. of Transportation
  • Consult for project set up, perform on-site analyses to develop staging strategies
  • Obtain necessary permits from Office of Construction Mitigation and Coordination
  • Interact with related agencies (DEP, MTA, DPR, DOS) to obtain permits from NYC DOT
  • Obtain approvals and permits for work on bridges and piers
  • Obtain approvals and permits for over-dimensional and over-weight vehicles
  • Obtain approvals for temporary removals or relocation of traffic signals
  • File and obtain approvals for building vaults
  • Obtain approvals, permits and sign-offs associated with Builders Pavement Plans
  • Obtain street opening permits for sewer and water main work, relays, taps, plugs, etc.
  • Obtain approvals for revocable consents to be placed on, under, or over City streets
  • Obtain full roadway closing permits for major construction events
  • Obtain land contour permits
  • Obtain permits for private work as well as for City contract work
  • Assist law firms by conducting records research and performing code consulting
Dep. of Envir. Protection
  • Consulting regarding filing requirements
  • Obtaining approval from the sewer division for site connection proposals
  • Obtaining approval for water services from the Cross Connection Unit
  • Obtaining permits for water connections, sewer connections and meter permits
  • Performing research and consult for legal purposes such as water bill disputes
  • Obtaining hydrant tap and water use permits
  • Obtaining permits to install, remove and relocate fire hydrants
  • Obtaining Bureau of Air Resources certificates for fuel burning equipment
  • Consulting about A-Tru asbestos filing requirements
ECB Violations
  • Performing in-depth research of the merits of violations for evidence at hearings
  • Developing strategies for the best way to adjudicate violations
  • Representing clients before Administrative Law Judges in hearings at the ECB
  • Researching violation accounts
  • Obtaining copies of violations and affidavits of service
  • Obtaining stays of default (if permissible)
  • Rescheduling hearings
  • Preparing appeals to objectionable decisions
  • Appearing as Civil Complainant at ECB for matters that are tied to Civil cases
Additional Services
  • FDNY – Fire alarms and maintenance of equipment use permits, and Place of Assembly permits
  • HPD – Research violations, schedule inspections, and follow through to remove violations
  • Department of Sanitation – Obtain Land Contour permits and respond to violations
  • School Construction Authority – Perform new building and alteration filings, obtain sign-offs and Certificates of Occupancy
  • Department of Parks and Recreation – Obtain approvals for use of parks during construction, closure of parks for construction, obtain permits to install and remove trees, schedule and attend inspections, and obtain requisite sign-offs